Mr. & Mrs. Mama Deb

I often joke when meeting people at food festivals or craft fairs and introduce myself as Mr. Mama Deb. I am in no way trying to convey that I am treated as anything less than an equal by my lovely wife Deb. It is more to get a chuckle out of people. In all seriousness, being called Mr. Mama Deb is quite an honor.

Deb is an amazing woman who came into my life in July of 2009. We dated for years and married in 2012. Over the last 10 years, I am continually amazed by the woman that Deb is. She moved her way up in the Comcast world to eventually be recognized as a Comcast Elite sales rep. She decided one day that she wanted to do a craft again like she did in her younger days and decided she wanted to paint wooden signs. She bought some wood, cut it up, sanded it, ordered a few stencils online, painted the wood and stenciled some signs. Sold them and took the money to buy more wood and make more signs. Fast forward 5 years and she grew that business to a healthy size one that everyone knew the name… Jessa-Loop Designs. It was named after her two daughters who now work on the Mama Deb’s team.

While working the Jessa-Loop business, Deb felt she wanted a consumable product and had been talking about bottling her Sweet Italian Sauce for a year or so. She researched and did not give up and finally in April of 2018, the first jar of Mama Deb’s Wicked Awesome sauce was born. That wasn’t enough for Deb though. She had her sight set on getting into food service under a tent. She accomplished that goal in summer of 2018.

We spent the winter of 2019 Jan-Mar down south with the Jessa-Loop business doing craft fairs on the weekend and enjoying the beaches during the week. Deb worked tirelessly getting the schedule filled for Mama Deb’s and securing a food truck for spring. When we returned to Massachusetts in April, Deb was hit with a Health issue that threatened everything she had worked for. Being the amazing woman that she is, that did not stop her for long.

Mama Deb’s got back on track in July 2019 and is chugging along gaining speed everyday. She has gotten her retail sauce into 15 Christmas Tree Shops in Massachusetts and NH, Trucchi’s Supermarket in Middleboro, Battistini’s Bakery in Middleboro, and Cervelli Farms in Rochester. Mama Deb’s is booked at local Breweries through the rest of the year and into January of 2020. I have always said everything she touches turns to gold.

Deb is my best friend. There is nothing I would not do for her. We are one in the same. We are individuals that are together unstoppable. She is strong where I am weak and vice-versa. We are like bread and butter, Mac and Cheese. She has brought me back to God and I thank her for that. My life has been better since she has come into my life. Everything in my life is not perfect, but knowing she is with me every step of the way, makes it feel perfect. I love you Deb, and I love being Mr. Mama Deb. 🙂

-Dave Doyle (aka Mr. Mama Deb)

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