November 2019

Attended Mama Deb’s Pasta making class last night at Battistini’s Bakery in Middleboro. What a great local offering!! So much fun & the pasta was delicious! We made spaghetti, fettuccine, butternut squash & four cheese raviolis. Highly recommend!! -Laurie D.

July 2019

Definitely wicked awesome..smooth full flavor with a touch of sweetness, not at all acidic. -Rose M.

June 2019

Bought this sauce last year at our annual craft fair in Meredith, NH! It was absolutely amazing! We used it to make homemade pizza and on pasta! Will be traveling to the various stores it’s located just to buy more! Has been my favorite sauce since last year! – Megan S.

May 2019

Finally trying Mama Deb’s! Thumbs up from all of us! My youngest..little..cover everything in Parmesan cheese kid… said.. this doesn’t need any cheese on top, it’s good like this! – Jil M.

January 2019

I love a sweeter tasting pasta sauce and boy oh boy this stuff is delish! – Rick K.

Saw Mama Deb’s at a holiday craft show in Hanover and am so glad I did! It is delicious! The whole family loved it. Will be buying this from now on! – Sandy P.

A nice fresh and light sauce with a little sweetness, love it! – Jo W.

December 2018

Just had the sauce for the first time. Absolutely delicious. Everyone in my house loves it. Thanks Deb!! -Tracy P.

November 2018

SOOOOO DELICIOUS! The sauce is sweet and smooth. The pasta is thick with fabulous texture. Definitely 10 steps above regular store bought! Perfect combination! – Pattie F

Just picked up two jars at the Redbrook Farmer’s Market. My kids just licked their plates at dinner! (Me too!) So Yummy! – Caitlin H.

Best sauce I’ve ever tasted!!! This sauce is so versatile. It goes with just about everything! I’ve used it on my pasta, chicken, veggies, pizza, and appetizers like mozzarella sticks and bread. I’ve even used some on my hot dog! I am a fellow crafter and every time I see Mama Deb’s at a show I have to buy some sauce. Next time I’m buying more jars! I highly recommend! 🙂 – Jennifer H.

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